Indigo Buying 1st Cargo plane Airbus (A321)

A321P2F is bringing the most successful aircraft family ever to the freight market

According to industry insiders, with air passenger numbers expected to remain low, the industry is look at other avenues to augment revenues such as the dedicated Cargo services.

The A321P2F is bringing the most successful aircraft family ever to the freight market. It’s the world’s first single-aisle freighter with Fly-By-Wire, enabling Cross-Crew Qualification and Mixed-Fleet Flying with all other Airbus aircraft types. This technology, combined with the low fuel burn and emissions, make the A321P2F a real game changer. 

The A321P2F provides a payload capability of up to 28t. It offers up to 14 full  container positions on the main deck, plus the unique A320 family container (up to 10 container positions) and pallet loading capability on the lower deck. The A321P2F offers the largest usable cargo volume of its category and generation. With more than 2,000 A321 passenger aircraft in service, the feedstock will be plentiful for years to come. Airbus foresees a significant market demand for about 950 aircraft over the next 20 years for P2F aircraft conversions in the small freighter segment. 

IndiGo, is one of the fastest growing global low-cost carriers of today. We commenced operations in August 2006 with the objective of not only redefining affordable air travel in India but also to facilitate business trade through our air cargo services.

While we at IndiGo, are looking to connect people and places, we are also looking at bridging gaps in trade and supply by providing efficient and reliable CarGo services. IndiGo continues to expand its destinations and fleet within India, making it possible to provide our customers with extensive connections, competitive air CarGo rates and reliability of service.

To manage CarGo, our customers entrust us with; we have a fleet of dedicated and specialised vehicles & equipment that help ensure safe and secure CarGo movement within the apron site, protection of cargo against weather impact and timely delivery. Our process-driven CarGo management system has helped provide our customers with real-time tracking of CarGo.

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